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By becoming a member, you support all the actions of our association, your students, and your teachers.

The more schools join us, the more important and legitimate our voice is with the institutional partners with which we engage.

Our association depend on your contributions; your membership and your support are essential to the sustainable pursuit of our common goals!


Membership Form 2023 - 2024

    Is your school a member of AEFE or MLF ?*

    The Association's Annual Ordinary General Meeting has set a fee structure that takes into account the financial resources of active members. The fee is either 15 €, 25 €, or 50 € per student in Première and Terminale preparing for the OIB or BFI at the beginning of the school year. This flexible fee structure allows sections or schools without tuition resources to become full members and thus benefit from all of the association's activities, regardless of their private or public nature, legal status, or resources.

    Please choose your preferred membership fee. An invoice will be sent to you by email:*

    If you do not yet have students in 1ère or Terminale, the minimum membership fee is €50

    Representatives for the association’s General Assembly
    Active members are represented by two persons chosen by their governing bodies from among their administrators, management staff, educational leaders and teachers. The two chosen persons will each have the right to vote.

    Please indicate the names and functions of your representatives if they have already been chosen:

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