About Us


Founded in 2010 by Elisabeth Zéboulon and Sean Lynch, our association supports the development of American international sections in France and around the world as well as their recognition by colleges and universities in France and abroad.

With 177 sections, including 84 abroad (tripling in five years), the growth of our section is exceptional. All écoles, collèges and lycées that have or wish to open an American international section or a cycle terminal leading to the new French International Baccalaureate (BFI) American section are invited to join.

Annual Growth

What We Do

In addition to supporting the development of its sections, AAMIS cooperates with the French Ministry of Education (DGESCO, DREIC, IGÉSR), the actors of French education abroad (AEFE, MLF) and our American partner, the College Board. This cooperation concerns the curriculum as well as professional development, the implementation of reforms, such as the BFI, the calendar and coordination of examinations (outside North America), and the development of examination questions.

The annual conference, to which all schools involved in the American section are invited, whether or not they are members, allows our institutional partners to come, present, discuss, and answer questions from school and section heads, as well as teachers of approfondissement culturel et linguistique (ACL), History-Geography, and connaissance du monde (CDM), to come, meet, learn, and share.

The Players

While the Board of Directors is responsible for governance, it is the Executive Committee that steers AAMIS’ actions. It is composed of the four Inspectors nominated by the College Board and appointed by the Ministry of Education, the four Subject Coordinators, the Schools Coordinator, the Administrative & Membership Manager, and AAMIS’ Chair.

Why Join ?

By becoming a member, you support all the actions of our association, your students, and your teachers.

The more schools join us, the more important and legitimate our voice is with the institutional partners with which we engage.

Our association depend on your contributions; your membership and your support are essential to the sustainable pursuit of our common goals!

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