Language & Literature

Tuesday, October 8

1. Brief summary of administrators' meeting (Leslie Dunn)

2. Introduction of our new Inspector, M. Monnanteuil (Leslie Dunn)

3. Report on work on collège and lycée programs (Scot Hicks, with Mme Chancelade from the DGESCO if she confirms)

4. Review of 2013 examinations (Leslie Dunn and Pam Canadas)

5. Discussion of upcoming curricular changes (Scot Hicks and Joelle Reilly)

a. Shakespeare play (for 2017; decision October 2014)

b. Non-fiction (for 2017; decision October 2014)

c. World literature (change adopted for 2014-2017, to be reviewed in 2014

Wednesday, October 9th (morning session only)

Training workshops for new examiners (experienced examiners also welcome!)

Concurrent session: workshop on new poetry category (Urban Voices)